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Supporting Children’s Wellbeing During COVID-19: Staff Supervision, Coping and Wellbeing, and the Impact on Service Delivery

August 18, 2021

This second report in the series of COVID Learning Reports presents the findings from COVID 4P Log responses about respondents’ experiences of receiving supervision during the pandemic, as well as about their coping and wellbeing during this time. The report discusses topics such as the characteristics of useful supervision, as well as the impact of… View Article

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Guide: Multi-Month Dispensing (MMD) for Children and Adolescents Living with HIV

June 23, 2021

Download English Guide Here Download French Guide Here – Guide français ici.   Please click the above links for a guide to assist OVC program personnel (community- or facility-based case management workers) to understand the importance of MMD and to understand their role and responsibilities in supporting MMD for C/ALHIV. INCLUDES: Background information on MMD… View Article

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Resources for OVC Programming 2021 & Guidance Summary

May 11, 2021

Priorities in OVC Programming 2021 & OVC Task Force Guidance Summary Priorities in OVC Programming 2021 – Revised PEPFAR COP21 Guidance Summary – Revised The OVC Task Force has recently prepared two documents that we hope you find helpful. One is a summary of the OVC-related sections of the PEPFAR 2021 Country and Regional Operational… View Article

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Understanding and Improving Viral Load Suppression in Children with HIV In Eastern and Southern Africa

April 14, 2021

Understanding and Improving Viral Load Suppression in Children with HIV In Eastern and Southern Africa VLS CLHIV study report VLS CLHIV advocacy brief In 2019 it was estimated that 1.2 million children (0-14) were living with HIV in Eastern and Southern Africa, yet more than a half million of these children (504,000) were not receiving… View Article

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